Art practice

Exploration artworks that are created in a series of vignettes of nine. These are windows into a world building project; conjuring visions & capturing ephemeral ideas. Which gets processed through sequences of experiments via digital and traditional tools.


Hybrid mimicry

This is my personal art project. The aim is create a digital art series using techniques that mimic the traditional mediums while creating a hyrbid of the leverage of digital tools. Small vignettes of images that capture a world, character and style.

The pseudonym is used for this personal project, going by "mrcattears" which has its own separate website and voice.


I also have another outlet that revolves around Tabletop Roleplaying Game (TTRPG). Combining art and design with a mix of game development & theory. My focus lies in crafting evoactive character designs and vibrant spot illustrations for independent game creators.

As well as my own games / artwork, which you can find more about here